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Choose the best life insurance

When you are interested in life insurance, look no further than GWM Insurance Brokers. We work closely with 70 insurance providers to find you the best coverage for your needs. With over 60 years of combined experience in the insurance industry, we can help you choose your policy.

Life insurance options

• Term: This type of coverage lasts for a preselected term of

  10, 15, 20 or 30 years


•  Flexible premium adjustable whole life/universal:

  This plan is similar to purchasing a home with an

  adjustable rate mortgage. The premium fluctuates based

  on the interest rates


• Permanent whole-life: This is the most expensive option,

  but it offers you the best coverage. With this policy, you

  own the policy, the benefit amount is guaranteed, as well

  as the cash value and the premium

Four types of dental coverage

•  Preventive Services: Typically have no waiting period and

  include routine dental exams, routine X-rays, cleaning,

  fluoride treatment, sealants and space maintainers


•  Basic Services: Typically have a 6-month waiting period and

  include dental exams, X-rays, routine extractions, treatment

  to ease dental pain and simple fillings


•  Major Services: Typically have a 12-month waiting period

  and include root canals, crowns, inlays, on lays, veneers,

  bridges, dentures and oral surgery

• Orthodontia: Typically not a covered dental expense for  

  individual plans

Browse Medical and Medicare Plans and Pricing Providing basic information to help us customize a plan for you.


Provide basic information to obtain quotes for your business on any and all lines of coverage.

Quick quotes for health insurance

Get a quote on your health insurance by clicking one of the links below. You will receive the information you need in no time.

  • Dental

  • Medical

  • Pet Care

  • Other Lifestyle benefits

It is easy and affordable to apply for a Health Savings Account (HSA). There are no set-up fees and a simple, 4-step enrollment process – which only takes 10 minutes to complete!

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