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Medicare Part A

• Confinement: Hospital

  The Deductible is $1,184.00 for the first 60 days

  Day 61 through day 90 all but $296.00 Daily

  Day 91 and after all but $592.00 Daily

  After reserve days are used beyond 365 days, you pay 100%


• Confinement: Skilled Nursing Facility

  First 20 days paid @ 100%

  Day 21 through Day 100 all but $148.00

  Day 101 plan pays 0.00


• Blood:

  Forth and all additional pints paid by the plan


• Hospice Care:

  All but limited co-payment/co-insurance for drugs

Medicare Part B

• Medical Expenses:

  In or out of the Hospital and Outpatient

  The Deductible is $147 then you pay 20% of the remainder of

  the Medicare approved amount


• Blood:

  You pay for the first three pints, then $147 Deductible

Medicare C

Clinical Laboratory Services:

  Tests and Diagnostic services

  Medicare pays 100% of approved amounts

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